Daily Archives: 19 de Agosto de 2012

Final Stages

Some experiences bring us deeper levels of knowledge, because they are connected, for some reason, to our inner self, our souls, roots, our essence, universal energy, intuition… It’s interesting to observe in life how we learn with what happens to us and what kind of ‘certainties’ and ideas we print in our path, according to the way things happen, and its natural ‘consequences’ or outputs. I’ve been going out with a deep and true smile inside of myself, even if the ‘package’ doesn’t transmit that, sometimes. And a good point is that I know WHY, it makes sense, it gives me reasons to believe what I hear inside, all this confusion. It makes me think more and more that we are here for so many reasons… And all of them make sense. There are many different levels, but there’s only one main stage, your life, and I don’t recognize any end to it…

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