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  1. Hello

    My name is Ronen Sharon and I am the manager of the voca people.

    As you know The voca people are a-capella singing group mixed in a comical show. In the group we have 6 singers and two beat boxers.

    The voca people are performing all around the world and have invitations for the next two years.

    We are currently looking for a beat boxer and we will conduct auditions soon in Europe

    My mail is

    Our web site is: voca-people.come

    Please contact me as soon as possible and send me your mobile so I can call you

  2. Hugo martins

    Rizumik tenho um projecto que acho que poderia ser interessante para ti. Contacta-me sff, tenho muita urgência.
    Fica bem

  3. Filipe

    Cuando vuelves a Barcelona? Te queremos acá! 🙂

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