> Rizumik is performing with The Voca People (Currently on tour > Romania, Switzerland, Germany, U.S.A., Canada, …)

NY (Off-Broadway) – 2011/2012 – Westside Theatre and New World Stages




aCorda vocal project _ Project with Sara Belo (singer / actress) that explores the natural connection of vocal skills, including theatrical elements and different kinds of interaction with the audience. Although we have a 9-track demo, we adapt to the circumstances and we like to change. That said, each concert is absolutely unique! we have been having very good feedback from people and we don’t intend to stop…

Acoustic Glorious _ Iban Nikolai (didgeridoo) / Eneko Larrañaga (kora, percussion) / Hodei Astibia (percussion) / Antonio Lizana (saxophone and flute) / Rizumik (beatbox). Project across Oiartzun, Zestoa, Cádiz, Lisbon and Guipúzcoa.

> pure.cushion _ Percussive duo (Rizumik / Rodrigo Eusébio) that follows the concept of ‘Percussion anywhere, everywhere, with whatever instruments’. This grew up naturally, as we know each other for a long time and recognize the ‘musical chemistry’ that exists between us. The essence is based in our passion for percussive elements and artistic shows, like STOMP or Mayumana.

Trailer (’07) / Nuts about wine (’08) / Agents of Rhythm (’08)

repeat me _ Simple home-made project that came out naturally. It is based on a loop station (concept of repetition) and it consists essentially on beatbox, guitar (Carlos P. Santana) and voice. A 20-track home-recorded demo was made after a little while… There was much enthusiasm!

Hip Hop Lab (Education + Urban culture) _ This project is being developed by Hipzoma and Pensant Moviment Urbà. I participated as a production assistant and as one of the involved artists.

> BeatVox _ Episodes of street interviews, interactions and sketches. Part of the online program Zoom In (Sapo).

> Counter Diction _ Rizumik (beatbox, percussion) / Rodrik (didgeridoo, guitar)

> Lot Zoff _ Fusion between multivocalism and electronics. Ex-Spit Lab crew is back with some creations. Coming soon… Rizumik (beatbox) / UnO P (audio production, synth).

> Fo Let Go _ Rizumik (beatbox) / Rodrigo Viterbo (didgeridoo)



From now on, one of my main goals is to prove the versatility of human beatboxing as a form of art, developing myself artistically as I search for other collaborations and fusions. One way is merging beatbox with more conventional and unconventional instruments. Other way is trying to mature and concretize ideas and dreams that get along the path. I’d like to switch “these would never work together” to “wow, do it again!”



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